Does your school transport meet parents’ expectations of safety?

The Challenges

  • Assuring parents their children are protected and safe.
  • Managing the school fleet of vehicles.
  • Protecting the reputation of the school.

The Solution

  • The tracking system enabled GPS capability to pinpoint vehicle location, giving the user opportunity to monitor the location and arrival times of the school transport.
  • With the additions of a monitor, drivers are helped not only whilst driving, but viewing pupils boarding and disembarking.

Known Benefits

  • 100% accountability for the welfare of children in the event of an incident.
  • More parents support the school transport system.
  • Parents are kept informed of location and arrival times.
  • Pupil behaviour is moderated whilst on the vehicle.
  • Driver behaviour improves to reduce fuel costs.
  • Ensure speed limits are adhered to.
  • Live evidence in defence of a range of incidents can be given.

What Our Clients Say

“ACSS’ AdvancedVision system has allowed us to Operate on the Crossrail Project, which has significantly improved our company appeal. We have also found that it has reaped other benefits, including reduced insurance premiums and improved Driver behaviour.”

Bill Buckley – Transport Manager – City Lifting Ltd