Waste Management

The waste management vehicle sector involves a higher level of risk due to the frequent operation of heavy vehicles in dangerous environments.

Waste management vehicles often work with hazardous materials. The industry also faces increasing pressure from compliance schemes such as FORS, CLOCS and Cross-rail to dramatically improve the safety and security of vehicles.

With an impressive client list across the waste management vehicle sector, AC Security Solutions understands the needs and requirements of fleet operators and transport managers in the waste industry.

Through a combination of mobile CCTV, waste vehicle and skip lorry safety accessories and fleet management technology, AC Security Solutions can ensure that safety and security standards are met to ensure the future success of our clients in the waste management vehicle sector.

The Challenges

  • Meeting all relevant legislations and compliance without disrupting fleet operations
  • Minimising accidents whilst driving or loading vehicles
  • Protecting cyclists and other vulnerable road users in congested inner cities.
  • Reducing the costs of downtime and insurance premiums through personal injury claims and accident investigations.
  • Reducing the overall cost of running a fleet.
  • Minimising the risk of theft and vandalism of company assets.

The Solutions

  • AdvancedFleet -In depth fleet management systems – Full telematics suite, live view and 3G GPS tracking for operational efficiency.
  • AdvancedVision Total Safety & Security – All round defence vehicle CCTV systems for reduced accidents, injuries and theft & vandalism of company assets.
  • AdvancedVision AdvancedFleet Driver safety and behaviour monitoring – In-cab camera systems and telematics suite for improved driving & driver performance.
  • AdvancedVision & AdvancedSafety Driving aids – blind spot eliminating cameras, proximity sensors, left hand warning systems and reversing camera solutions to protect drivers and vulnerable road users.

The Benefits

  • Fewer Accidents
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Elimination of losses from false claims
  • Faster and Cheaper investigation settlement.
  • Protection of company assets
  • Improved driving and driver behaviour.
  • Reduced running costs through improved fleet operational efficiency.
  • Reduced authorised vehicle usage.
  • Meeting industry compliance schemes

What Our Clients Say

“I have to say that I was always put off getting CCTV due to expense, but I got over that and now I can say that it has paid for itself yesterday as there was a huge crash and it proved the innocence of my driver, I cannot think what would have happened if we did not have it installed!”

Aaron Privett – Managing Director – Atlas Bulk Carriers Ltd