360° VIEW

ACSS now offer an innovative solution for a complete view of your vehicle’s surroundings – 360° camera system. Eliminate blind spots and improve safety

The benefits of having a 360° system installed are mainly for complete vision, blind spot elimination along with making manoeuvring easy and safe for the driver.

We are able to provide solutions that are compliant with FORS, CLOCS and Crossrail standards, so your vehicles are able to work on site.

At ACSS we offer bespoke solutions that are designed to suit your fleet.

  • A bespoke solution tailored to your needs
  • Supply & Install Nationwide
  • Competitive pricing

How does it work?

Our 360 camera system consists of HD cameras which are mounted to each side of the vehicle, dependent on the size of the vehicle. The images are stitched together through intelligent software, producing a Live 360 view of your vehicle. These images ares on a monitor for ease of viewing for the driver.

The Benefits

  • Reduce accidents and incidents
  • Meet safety compliance regulations
  • Fully compliant view of pedestrians, cyclists and vulnerable road users.
  • Reliable, full HD seamless system
  • Suitable for any vehicle type or size
  • FORS, CLOCS & Crossrail compliant
  • Reduce accidents
  • Fully compliant view ensuring pedestrians, cyclists and vulnerable road users are safe.
  • Eliminates blind spots, full view in built-up areas.