AdvancedSafety Accessories

Your safety, our responsibility

A cost-effective solution to minimise the threat posed to vulnerable road users from large commercial vehicles with limited visibility.


With the number of cyclists and pedestrian commuters on the rise, the transport industry is experiencing an unfavourable increase in the number of incidents involving their vehicles and vulnerable road users. Unfortunately, this threat is made greater due to the dangerous limited visibility blind spots that these larger commercial vehicles have.

To enhance the safety of your vehicles by minimising the dangerous near side and reversing blind spots, we have developed cost-effective AdvancedSafety vehicle accessories systems – combining ultrasonic proximity sensors and advanced warning reversing and near side turning speakers to alert other road users to the presence of your vehicles.

Our AdvancedSafety systems can also help your fleet achieve valuable industry compliance accreditation such as FORS and CLOCS – expressing your commitment to protecting vulnerable road users from your vehicles and therefore enhancing the appeal of your company and increasing business prospects.

Installing an AdvancedSafety system to your vehicles can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Industry compliance accreditation
  • Make vulnerable road users aware of vehicles presence
  • Increased company appeal
  • Reduced dangers of blind spot areas
  • Decreased likelihood of near side and reversing collisions
  • Protection for drivers
  • Reduction in vehicle damage and downtime

Ultrasonic proximity sensors

Key Features:

  • Underslung or flush mounted
  • detection within 50-60cm
  • In cab warning sounder (volume dependent on distance)

Left hand turn & reverse warning speaker

Key Features:

  • Left turn indicator activation
  • Reversing gear activation
  • Audible speaking alarm ‘this vehicle is turning left’
  • audible white noise or speaking alarm for reversing sound