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Vehicle CCTV

ACCS provides advanced security solutions for commercial vehicles. Our Vehicle CCTV Advanced Vision systems offer multi-camera recording, live-view capabilities, and driving aids to improve safety and deter theft. With ACCS, you can enhance fleet security and optimize fleet management efficiency.

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We enhance the safety and security of your vehicles with our high-performance Vehicle CCTV AdvancedVision multi-camera recording systems and driving aids.

With over 30 years of experience in the vehicle CCTV market, we are able to develop solutions for any requirements. From basic side view and reversing camera driving aids through to complex 720p high definition multi-camera recording systems with vehicle safety accessories – proximity sensors and audible left-hand turn and reverse warning speakers – as well as tracking and live view remote management capabilities.



Keeping your drivers and vehicles safe and secure, our platform has impressive functionality including the following features: real-time preview, multi-vehicle monitoring, video playback, cutting and downloading as well as evidence management, auto download, basic data management and an alarm centre amongst many more.

High Quality, High Performance Recorders (DVR)


Our Mobile DVR systems are a durable solution for recording CCTV. With features including built-in connectivity, video compression, GPS Positioning for tracking and wireless data upload (WIFI)


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Can the DVR be tampered with?2022-08-10T14:23:29+01:00

There is nothing to stop anybody tampering or attempting to tamper with the installed hardware. However, the hard drive is locked down and therefore can only be removed by a central key. 

Also, we can set up live alerts based on video loss, camera covering, DVR faults or signal loss – this will give you instant notification of any foul play.

Is the location tracked?2022-08-10T14:23:44+01:00

Our Advanced Vision CCTV Software does have GPS positioning with live view. This is ideal for matching camera footage to a location or basic positioning requirements. However for in-depth Telematics we would recommend our Advanced Telematics solution.

How secure is the system?2022-08-10T14:23:54+01:00

The software that we provide for collection of data is installed on to your personal computer. Nothing is held in the cloud. This is routed to your device via our servers which are fully backed up. We have a fail-safe solution for our servers and system uptime is 99.97%

Can my own installer fit the system?2022-08-10T14:24:49+01:00

Yes. There is no issue with us being a supply only provider. We will support all we can, we can do the first installation whilst training your engineers if that is helpful.


Is live view CCTV available?2022-08-10T14:25:22+01:00

ACSS offers a “Live View” option. Meaning that from your computer, tablet or mobile phone you can remotely monitor live CCTV footage, look back at any stored footage on the hard drive and also receive live alerts for things such as driver behaviour and camera/DVR tampering.

Can I view my cameras from my mobile phone?2022-08-10T14:25:34+01:00

With “Live View” capability there is a dedicated APP on IOS and Android to remotely view your Vehicle CCTV. This can be live and historic, from anywhere with a network or a Wi-Fi connection.

This is a great benefit to anybody that manages their fleet whilst being out of the office or on the road regularly.

Will you install at any location?2022-08-10T14:26:16+01:00

Our network of in-house and subcontract engineers cover the entire country – 7 days a week. We are more than happy to come to your site and install the equipment. We can install at a place of your choosing, as long as there is ample space for the engineers to work.

How many days will my CCTV system record?2022-08-10T14:26:27+01:00

The time the DVR records will depend on the size of the Hard Drive or SD card installed. A standard 1TB hard drive with a 4 camera system and an 8 hour workday can store up to 48 days footage. You can get Hard drives up to 4TB. SD Card DVR’s will record for a much shorter length of time around 8-10 days of footage.

How long is installation of a CCTV system?2022-08-10T14:26:36+01:00

Mobile CCTV system installation times vary depending on the number of cameras or the size of the vehicle.

A standard 4 camera installation on an 18T HGV will take 4-5 hours. Whereas a 2 camera system can be installed in half that time.

At ACSS we will ensure that we can work around your business hours and at weekends where possible and limit your Fleet downtime.

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