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Southampton city council approved cameras

Southampton City Council was the UK first council to implement mandatory CCTV in Taxis & PHVs back in 2009. ACSS was then selected as supplier of CCTV and, with its approved local installers, has served the City and its drivers ever since. We keep in close touch with Southampton Licencing Office so are well placed to ensure your vehicle is compliant.

The Basic Requirements for Southampton Taxi & PHV CCTV:

The camera system must be capable of recording and storing a minimum of seven days of continuous recording,

The system needs to have the ability to start recording audio data by means of a panic button. Once audio recording is triggered the length of the audio recording needs to be able to be set to record for a duration of 5 minutes,

Southampton City Council is the data controller, so all captured footage is protected,

In the event of a reported incident, recordings will be recovered by the Licensing Office and made available if and as appropriate.

The required system is for one internal camera only but up to 4 cameras are allowed.

ACSS will provide signage so that passengers are aware of the CCTV recording them.

ACSS offers the following approved systems below

Approved Systems:

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Southampton 2 Camera System2023-03-17T10:27:30+00:00
Southampton 3 Camera System2023-03-17T10:30:32+00:00
Southampton 4 Camera System2023-03-17T10:31:03+00:00

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