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Suppliers are crucial to your businesses’ success. Companies with high-performing suppliers achieve greater profits than the average in their industry. Poor suppliers commonly contribute to corporate or business failure. Below we’ve detailed our top 3 reasons why a strong supplier, like ACSS, is important to a business.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important factors driving profitable growth is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is highly dependent on the supply chain, to be successful your business must manage its supply chain with that in mind. Meaning the customer is a primary focus when considering supply chain strategy, costs and performance management.

Suppliers Costs

The cost of meeting demand is one of the most telling ways in which the supply chain matters to business success.  Supply chain expenses can make up a large proportion of product costs, while excessive inventory in the system can tie up working capital and stifle cash flow. Investigating the costs of serving customers is one way to understand the way supply chain costs affect business success.

Supplier Performance

The supply chain, as its name suggests, is only as strong as its weakest link. Unfortunately, some of the links are unlikely to be under the direct control of your organisation. To some extent, your suppliers hold your business success in their hands. That’s why it’s essential to work in collaboration to try and minimise supply chain uncertainty. Uncertainty in the supply chain costs money and impacts customer service, making it a particularly disruptive factor in overall business performance.

In conclusion, supply chain management is crucial to your businesses’ success. At ACSS, we work in collaboration with our purchasers to ensure a strong supply chain and provide on time deliveries for CCTV, safety equipment and telematics. We’ve helped organisations to reduce working capital through collaboration and inventory management. If you’d like to know more then give us a call on 02083918368.