By mid-August 2022, 6 new wireless charging stations for 9 black cabs will be trialled in Nottingham.

Following the January 2020 government announcement and a £3.4 million investment, Taxis with specially fitted wireless charging hardware will start what may become a revolution for EV taxis.

The goal of this trial is to show off the benefits of wireless charging with a view to expand across the country. The benefits Nottingham City Council aims to demonstrate are:

  • Reducing Street Clutter – Wireless charging will mean no cables cluttering the street as equipment will be built into the road.
  • Saving time – Taxis can charge while remaining in service waiting for new customers.
  • Convenient charging – Driver are able to charge their taxis while waiting by parking on top of the wireless charger.

If this trial does well and shows the benefits of wireless charging it could potentially spark change and expand into other areas like London for instance.