Passenger vehicles such as buses and coaches play a large role in everyday life for commuters and tourists.

Vehicle safety and security are of upmost importance, due to the activity of transporting the most precious of cargos – people. The companies driven by rigorous standards and who offer first-class customer service, comfort, style and most importantly safety are bound to succeed. Recent years have begun to see integrated CCTV systems and other road safety technologies enhancing the safety and security of the service they provide.

The initial introduction of safety and security systems in the industry was due to the increase in incidents involving drivers, passenger and vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. The safety of all vehicles and road users is essential, especially when operating in difficult urban environments, where hazards are commonplace. The size of modern buses and coaches, alongside the high driving position cause extensive blind spots for drivers. A lack of visibility increases the risk of collisions with both other vehicles and vulnerable road users.

The simple introduction of integrated vehicle CCTV can greatly reduce the risks of transporting passengers and operating in difficult urban environments. By reducing the risk of an incident and preventing false accident claims, alongside on-board incidents, safety technologies greatly improve the safety and reliability of a company.

Camera systems can now offer 360-degree, ultra-high definition footage accessible to view in real time. When combining the use of driver-aid reversing camera, on-board cameras and blind-spot coverage, CCTV can provide a comprehensive system which not only helps make roads safer, but acts as a deterrent for vandalism and theft. The high-quality standard of recording now means incidents can be reviewed in a fraction of the time, helping speed up claim processes. 

With the number of incidents involving passenger vehicles rising, we hope to see a significant trend towards the use of technology to improve safety across the industry.

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