Transport for London (TfL) is rolling out new, lower speed limits on five roads across London to cut road danger across the capital and save lives.

The new schemes will run across some nine miles of TfL roads in London, supporting its commitment to complete 20mph speed limits on some 140 miles of the TfL road network by 2024.

New 20mph zones will go live on the A10 – A503 corridor in Haringey, along with the A13 Commercial Road in Tower Hamlets, the A23 London Road in Croydon and the A107 corridor in Hackney.

In addition, a 30mph speed limit will be introduced on the A10 Great Cambridge Road in Enfield

The routes have been chosen based on their current level of risks to users.  Data shows that those hit by a vehicle at 20mph are around five times less likely to be fatally injured than at 30mph.

The new speed limits will be supported by new signs and road markings, and TfL said it would work closely with the Metropolitan Police Service to ensure that drivers understand and comply with the new lower speed limits. At the same time, the Met is to significantly increase speed enforcement to tackle the risk and harm caused by speeding – the force will gain capacity to enforce up to one million offences by 2024/25, supported by new technology to improve effectiveness of enforcement and rolling out new powers to Police Community Support Officers.

Lower speed limits have a critical role in the Mayor’s Vision Zero Plan to eliminate deaths and serious injury on the transport network, and in March 2020, TfL introduced a 20mph speed limit on all of its roads within the Congestion Charging Zone.

But TfL warned that the introduction of future schemes could be at risk if London enters a period of managed decline due to the lack of a long-term funding agreement – it’s currently in discussions with the Government over such an agreement.

Lilli Matson, chief health, safety and environment officer at TfL, said: “The new 20mph speed limits will not only save lives but will also encourage Londoners in these communities to travel in more active and sustainable ways. We’re committed to eliminating unsafe speeds and dangerous driving across our network and are working closely with our Metropolitan Police partners to ensure the new speed limits are robustly enforced.”

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