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Who Benefits from Tracking and Telematics?

Businesses who can demonstrate control over their vehicles with tracking and telematics, are in great demand. Statistics from the Financial Times showed that, on average, those who use a fleet management system carry more loads and can charge higher prices than their competitors!

Fleet statistics show that installing GPS tracking and telematics provides the information to improve the efficiency and performance of a fleet and ultimately business profitability.  Tracking and telematic systems provide real time location mapping and driver behaviour information instantaneously. It gives fleet operators the data they need to improve driver performance, thus reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. A fleet manager has the tools to increase overall operational efficiency by optimising routes to reduce mileage, monitor speeding, braking and acceleration.

What’s the Difference?

Tracking and telematics are separate solutions to fleet management. Tracking shows the location of fleet vehicles, telematics gives shows information required to make key decisions. In fleet management, information such as speed and emissions are crucial. Using both together gives you the best possible chance at managing your fleet and keeping costs down.

Additionally, tracking and telematic systems provide information you can easily use to train and update your team of drivers. Fleet managers report that their systems improve driver awareness, reduces accidents and eliminate poor or false time records.  There is the possibility of remotely downloading driver card data, so your vehicle can remain on the road.

Reliability and punctuality are of considerable benefit to a fleet’s customers, being able to give accurate arrival times. Being able to track and geo-fence a vehicle is of real benefit to a customer. Especially, those who require high security when they commission the transportation of their goods.

Installing a fully integrated tracking and telematics system in your fleet is one of the few truly time and cost saving solutions with a relatively short payback period.

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