Vehicle tracking, also known as Telematics, is an important tool for fleet operators. Combining a GPS system with on-board diagnostics, it’s possible to record exactly where a vehicle is and how fast its travelling. Operators across the UK are adopting fleet tracking for its time-saving and cost-effective benefits.

Telematics provides valuable analysis of the key performance indicators of fleet vehicles. Real-time alerts are available to both driver and fleet operator so encouraging better driving and pre-emptive maintenance opportunities. At ACSS, we are aware that vehicle tracking is a valuable tool in fleet management, so we have highlighted below the important benefits of telematics.

How Would Vehicle Tracking Benefit You?

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Recent changes to the Ogden rate, Brexit and other factors are forcing fleet cover costs up. To combat this, operators have begun adopting telematics into their fleet operations to reduce their insurance premiums. A recent study of more than 10,000 commercial vehicles found that fleets could save up to £55 per vehicle on their insurance.

Quick Driver and Vehicle Monitoring

The potential savings from monitoring driver behaviour and encouraging more fuel-efficient driving have been said to be more effective than switching to vehicles with lower fuel consumption. With telematics installed, fleet managers can send their instructions to drivers from their company office.

Driver Performance Training

Acquiring performance training software/videos can be costly. Businesses with CCTV and telematics are using their own footage to train new and existing employees. As a result, this methods gives very clear and specific information.

Reduced Maintenance Time and Costs

Routine maintenance monitored by telematics prevents costly repairs to fleet vehicles. By monitoring the performance of fleet vehicles including speed, braking, acceleration. Therefore, it is possible to notice vehicles in need of repairs of future maintenance.

Reduced Fuel Usage and Overall Running Costs

Telematics will save a company fuel and overall running costs. Fuel-efficient driving and route planning can increase productivity. Fleet operators can intervene to direct drivers away from hold-ups and feedback on speeding and braking.

At ACSS we’re committed to helping fleet operators. Our AdvancedFleet solutions are important in reducing fleet costs. If you’d like to learn more about our fleet tracking then check out our AdvancedFleet Solutions here.