What is cargo security and what technologies can be used to enhance it?

Supply chain security is an important priority for any organisation, every business needs to develop its practices for the security of their goods to prevent future losses within their company. With criminals becoming more sophisticated and value of cargo increasing, security standards must be implemented.

Cargo theft is a multi billion problem across the world, luckily there are robust technology solutions available to protect trailers from cargo theft and unauthorised access, which we will talk about below.

Associations that are protecting buyer assets and minimise cargo losses:

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) are a transport association helping global manufacturers and logistic service providers to protect high-value theft targeted goods from the growing threat of cargo crime. Their mission is to help TAPA members minimise cargo losses from their supply chains through their global security standards and has become a worldwide benchmark for security handling guidelines and practices

TAPA’s trucking security requirements are now widely considered to be the leading industry standards for supply chain security and have been implemented by companies across the globe. These standards were created by supply chain security professionals and are regularly updated to tackle new and emerging threats.

The latest annual data for recorded cargo thefts in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region alone highlights the scale of the threat:

  • 2,880 reported cargo thefts, up 10.3% year-on-year
  • €54,986,504 – a combined loss of major crimes in 12 months
  • 19 – number of different product categories suffering losses
  • • 2,114 – total number of crimes involving Theft from Vehicle

What technologies can be implemented?

A report from December 2019 showed that the United Kingdom was within the top 4 of reported cargo theft by country. Statistics like this really highlight to us that we have to embrace technology to prevent security breaches. Maple, a leading name in commercial vehicle safety & security, locks, alarms & other innovative security solutions for commercial vehicles have joined forces with ACSS. This collaboration has produced technologies to provide convenience, security, and flexibility for Commercial Vehicles.

Complete Remote Protection – this product offers convenience, security, and flexibility. Maintain the integrity of your cargo with Complete Remote Protection. This in-house developed product has been tailored especially to those who require maximum protection and security.

Combining telematics with this powerful locking solution allows you to see vehicles in real-time, view & control locks remotely. AdvancedFleet Telematics has an unrivalled GPS data accuracy (refresh rate = 1 sec), accurate geo-fencing allows you to set up alerts precisely where the locking system can operate.

Flexible solutions:

A diverse solution that can be utilised on a variety of body types and door configurations, Freightlock is specified by a wide cross-section of operators. From multi-drop logistics to sensitive pharmaceuticals, fresh produce to the latest must-have electronic device; Freightlock is used by carriers all over the world to protect their goods-in-transit, with arguably the most secure lock of it’s the type available on the market to date.

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