To our customers,

Like all of you, we are finding it hard to navigate these difficult and strange days. We are confronted by an unknown that is impacting the lives of so many.  How best to proceed without undue panic but with necessary precaution, consideration & care?

Our first priority as a business is the safety and wellbeing of our staff and our customers. Please know we are taking all the recommended measures to protect our collective health and safety through this period.  But like all of you, we are also confronted by the other side of this which is securing the business and the livelihood of all. As a company geared to providing a service to your business, we recognise at this time the provision of safety and operational equipment for your vehicles is not uppermost in your mind.

However, with vehicles off the road and people turning to the use of taxis rather than public transport now might be a good time to update your fleet. For this reason, please understand if we do not stop but continue. Continue to work and talk to you about the systems we have to offer. We want to prevent a shut-down domino effect that is too significant for us or others to recover from.  It is the predicament faced by all industries, some, like hospitality, don’t have the same privilege so we will do what we can, whilst we can.

We thank you in advance for your continued consideration and support.

If anyone has any questions or concerns then please do get in contact.