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Maple and ACSS Security Vehicle Security Solution

Complete Remote Protection

ACSS are proud to partner with leading commercial vehicle safety & security provider Maple Fleet Services to provide Complete Remote Protection. Developed for the high value transport sector, whether it be pharmaceutical, fine arts or electronics, the solution integrates Maple’s leading FreightLock IQ locking system with ACSS’s AdvancedFleet Telematics. Allowing secure remote control of door locking from anywhere in the world, this additional layer of security provides peace of mind for fleet managers and operators over the security of their cargo.

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Remote Access Control

Remotely control cargo doors lock through a secure web or app interface. In event of a security threat driver, key fobs can be immobilised so that door access can be controlled solely from base.

Peace of Mind

Remotely view and generate reports of door locking status for internal or customer reference. Receive live alerts of any unauthorised and door status change to fleet manager or alarm monitoring centre, with full telematics data and increased data frequency on alarm.


Automate door locking/unlocking and key fob activation linked to pre-set geofenced areas. Systems are locked down on departure and auto opened at arrival. Digital seals generated on each lockdown accurately indicate any sign of interference.

Emergency Access

Receive live alerts for any hardware failure or deterioration and remain in full control with authorised single use emergency pin access codes.

tracking fleet
tracking fleet


Full integration with vehicle ‘live view’ CCTV systems linking camera wake-up and recording to alarm triggers. Compatible with alarm systems and customisable alerts such as panic button and trailer/tractor connect status.

Additional Level of Security

Fulfils telematics and locking systems requirements of TAPA TSR Level 1 security protocols. Customisable features enabling use of TAPA accredited vehicles across general/multiple use.