A van was spotted driving down the M56 and was subsequently pulled over by Greater Manchester Police due to the driver’s view being obscured by a roll of carpet.

It was reported by the officers that the load was not sufficiently secured to the vehicle, upon questioning the driver he said, “it wasn’t like that when I set off”.

The driver was irresponsible, putting other road users at risk on the motorway.

A statement by the force’s GMP Traffic account said: “This vehicle was seen driving along the M56 in the pouring down rain.

“Load carried not only presented a danger to others but reduced the driver’s view of the road ahead.

These types of incidents can be extremely detrimental to your business. Your brand is important, so that is why we offer a system that allows you to fully control and oversee what goes on.

A combination of ground rules and a fleet management system will give you an all-around great performance from drivers and your vehicles. Here are some tips:

  • Implement CCTV on board to prevent eating, smoking, drinking whilst driving (view CCTV kits here)
  • Train drivers and managers on correct driving behaviour
  • Install Telematics

With the AdvancedFleet management system, you can track your driver’s behaviour through reports in your dashboard. These can provide you with a rating system based on how your drivers have performed during a specified time. This will increase MPG, reduce costs and lower emissions by identifying driving style improvements across idling, harsh acceleration and over-revving.

Boost productivity by customising reports, use this data by implementing policies to improve team behaviour.

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