With more than 31m commercial vehicles on European roads, the opportunities for organised gangs to engage in cargo crime are immense. Since 2007 there has been a 41% increase in the value of stolen cargo.

It is believed that across Europe the average loss per reported incident is €68.3k, the estimated total value of stolen cargo is €11.6bn per annum, and there are between 1,500-2,000 individual recorded incidents each year*

Due to a lack of secure parking options, drivers are being forced to park in vulnerable layby locations, becoming easy targets for cargo thieves. The survey uncovered that 61.7% feel the lack of secure parking locations is the main reason for increases in crime.

Supply chain security is an important priority for any organisation, every business needs to develop its practices for the security of their goods to prevent future losses within their company. With criminals becoming more sophisticated and value of cargo increasing, security standards must be implemented.


Telematics Combined With Locking Solution


Tips for fleet operators / drivers

  • Implement a clear in-transit security policy for your drivers.

  • Upon leaving the cab – remove keys; doors locked and sealed; load not to be accessed whilst on a route

  • When delivering goods – what paperwork is required; who’s responsible for unloading; remind drivers to be aware of deception techniques

  • Whilst resting – a high percentage of load theft takes place at weekends and from vehicles parked in unsecure truck stops. Don’t leave vehicles loaded any longer than necessary

Equipment to use

  • Combining telematics with this powerful locking solution allows you to see vehicles in real-time, view & control locks remotely. AdvancedFleet Telematics has an unrivalled GPS data accuracy (refresh rate = 1 sec), accurate geo-fencing allows you to set up alerts precisely where the locking system can operate.

  • Complete Remote Protection – this product offers convenience, security, and flexibility. Maintain the integrity of your cargo with Complete Remote Protection. This in-house developed product has been tailored especially to those who require maximum protection and security.