The latest ‘Tachos and Telematics’ report shows that 79% of operators are now using telematics in their operations – that’s up from 69% in a similar study just over a year ago.

Not only that: 90% of respondents say that using telematics has produced tangible benefits for their operations.

The survey also highlights the growing market penetration of smart tachographs. Smart tachos became mandatory for new vehicles in 2019 and our survey a year ago found that 38% of fleets had some vehicles fitted with them. That figure has now risen to 73%.

Operators highlighted a number of benefits to smart tachos: 39% said they get better real-time data, 34% said administration time and costs had been reduced, and 19% highlighted fewer roadside checks.

“The ‘Tachos and Telematics’ report provides key insights into the use of the latest technologies in road transport in a year dominated by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic”, said MT events and project editor Hayley Pink.

“It is clear that transport operators are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunities that developments in tachograph and telematics technology are creating.”