Over £12,500 worth of cigarettes were stolen after thieves hijacked a lorry owned by Tesco in Wiltshire on July 16th. The criminal gained access to the lorry whilst the driver parked up on a lay-by taking a break but stole the goods after it moved to the depot loading bay. It is thought the criminals loaded the cigarettes into another vehicle before getting away with the goods.  

Wiltshire Police are urging people to come forward if they recall anything suspicious in the area on July 16th with no result so far.

This theft could have been avoided with Complete Remote Protection.

ACSS’s Complete Remote Protection is an effective and inexpensive way of preventing theft to your vehicle and safeguarding your driver welfare.

Hauliers face many challenges; businesses need to ensure the driver’s safety and welfare is protected from thieves. An effective system will not only deter criminal activity but provide you with many other benefits to your business and drivers.

Our powerful security system, already used by many Fine Art carriers, allows you to:

  • Lockdown and immobilise vehicles remotely from anywhere in the World,

  • Prevent any unauthorised access during transit, thus ensuring your cargo’s absolute integrity,

  • Grant access to authorised personnel only once the vehicle is at the correct destination as verified via our real-time Telematics software.

Combined with our camera CCTV system, you can not only be alerted of any impending or occurring incident but also have all required evidence for Police or Insurance purpose.

We offer a range of solutions to meet your specific needs and protect both your vehicles and drivers. To find out more, please call today for details or a demonstration.