Unexpected, added value from ACSS DVS as system provides evidence in insurance claim.

ACSS’s core business is looking after the safety and security of their customer’s fleets. But with a team of engineers ACSS has its own fleet of vans to manage and monitor too. Travelling the country to customer sites and mobile locations they clock up substantial miles themselves, and just like on our customers fleets incidents do happen.

When one of our company vehicles, was involved in an accident on the M25 it was just our luck that not only was the van, a rental, on hire due to theft of the regular vehicle. But that due to its temporary status it had not been fully equipped with a CCTV system. It had however been fitted with a Progressive Safe System (PSS). Usually reserved for HGV vehicles for TfL DVS 2024 compliance, the system has been fitted by our engineer for detailed testing of the system and its AI capabilities.

Rear ended by one vehicle and spun across the carriageway into another luckily our driver, and the other involved were left unhurt hurt, albeit badly shaken. With the insurance claims filed the normal disputes were raised, or fleet manager kicking themselves they had not overseen the CCTV installation on the temporary vehicle.

With neither party admitting fault, the insurers were apportioning a 50/50 cost. Until our technical manager advised that the PSS System would have been recording to its onboard SD card, which may have captured the event. Sure enough, the card was received, the footage downloaded. The nearside camera, under purposes of design meant to be identifying cyclist and pedestrians on the nearside of an HGV vehicle, had captured the moment of impact where another vehicle had rear impacted our engineers.

With irrefutable evidence the blame was apportioned correctly, ACSS saved unnecessary insurance payouts and our engineer resolved of responsibility. An undisputable and expected win for an additional feature on ACSS’s Progressive Safe System.

A simple feature like incident recording can make all the difference when things go awry. It’s not just about vehicle compliance; it’s about safety, and who knows when having a silent witness to protect your drivers and your bottom line, might be prove its worth.

With getting your fleet compliant for DVS 2024, get extra safety onboard recording. In a world of uncertainty, it’s the little things that can make the biggest impact.

What is DVS?

direct vision standard 2024

Direct Vision Standard (DVS), a safety standard set by Transport for London (TFL) requires all HGVs over 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight to attain a safety permit to enter or operate in Greater London. The scheme was finalised in March 2021 to improve the safety of all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) focuses on the visibility of vulnerable road users (VRU) from the drivers view. The standard aims to reduce vehicle blind spots around an HGV where the level of risk to vulnerable road users, such as pedestrian and cyclists near the vehicle is particularly high.

The Direct Vision Standard is a part of the Mayor for London’s Vision Zero plan to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries by 2041 on London’s transport network.

From March 2021 all vehicles over 12T (some exceptions apply) gross vehicle weight require a DVS permit to operate in the DVS Zone, or risk a penalty notice from TfL.

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ACSS Progressive Safe System Kit

  • Identifies cyclist from street furniture
  • Suitable for all vehicle types
  • Integrate with existing vehicle CCTV system

  • HD  Cameras with 1080p Resolution

  • Tested to UNECE Reg 151 / 159 on BSIS & MOIS.

Get Compliant for DVS 2024