Dash-cams for Commercial Fleets

What are Dash-Cams?

Dash cameras are a form of on-board camera, used to continuously record the driver’s view as seen through the vehicle’s windscreen. With basic models attached via suction-cup or adhesive-tape mounts, Dash-Cams can also be permanently fixed and hardwired into the vehicles.


Dash-Cams were first introduced for use in Police Vehicles in the USA, to prevent corruption and fraud in officers. Today, Dash-cams are commonly used by civilians throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. In recent years, they have become increasingly popular in commercial vehicle applications, with the rise of vehicle surveillance technology. With fleets facing increasingly costly insurance premiums and claims, operators are using dash-cams as an entry level and cost effect solution.

Why Dash-cams for Commercial Fleets?

1 – All in one system.

Unlike full-blown on-board CCTV systems, Dash-Cams have the DVR recorder built into the camera itself. With modern cameras enabled for easy download and playback, the Camera is a standalone system for your vehicles.

2 – More than just drivers view.

Dash-Cams are now available for rear windscreen view, for a more comprehensive view of the vehicles surroundings. This protects drivers from both front-on collisions, but rear-view now offers protection from accidents from the back.

3 – Easy to Install.

Entry level Dash-Cams can be fitted via adhesive-tape or suction-cup mounts, and powered through a cigarette lighter, easily installed by the vehicle operator. More robust Cameras are available, able to be permanently mounted and hardwired to the vehicle by an engineer. Either option cuts the install time of CCTV drastically.

4 – Incident Protection.

A main asset of a Dash-Cam is recording incidents which might occur, and having evidence to use in insurance claims. G-Force sensors are now built into some models, so cameras can record a clip either side of an incident, trigger by changes in the momentum of a car, storing the whole incident for easy viewing.

5 – Insurance Savings.

Surveillance Technology in a vehicle reduces insurances premiums. Not only do they provide evidence of road incidents, but also theft and criminal damage. This can help save fleet operators thousands in insurance premiums on their vehicles.

6 – Fraud Prevention.

Dash-cams are a great way to protect against fraudulent insurance claims and crash-for-cash claims. With undisputable evidence, footage will stand up in court against fraudulent drivers.

7 – Teaching Tool.

For Fleet operators, footage gained from a dash-cam is invaluable for training new drivers and helping correct the habits of established drivers.

8 – Additional Features.

Many cameras now come with additional features, such as Lane-Departure and Forward-Collision Warning Systems, alerting you as a car in front suddenly slows down. Tools like these improve driver behaviour and are a great safety feature to reduce the number of accidents for a fleet.

9 – Parking Accidents.

With rear-facing camera options and motion-sensor technology, cameras can record clips when an object in sight begins to move. This is an excellent tool for proving liability in parking incidents which are not the fault of the driver.

10 – Mobile Viewing.

While footage is easily downloadable for viewing on a PC, Dash-cams now often come with WIFI enabling and App software for instant viewing on a mobile device. This allows for easy playback both inside and outside the office.

In Summary

Fleet Operators face a wide variety of daily challenges, and the dash-cam provides and all-in-one solution to most of these issues. While a more robust CCTV system is better suited to HGVs, the Dash-Cam is the perfect solution for light vehicles, offering extra security, safety and cutting costs across a range of areas.

Dash-cams for Commercial Fleets options

ACSS offers a range of Dash-Cam solutions to meet the needs of the operator. Boasting 1080p Full HD recording, G-Sensor incident recording and WIFI and GPS capability. Offers both a forward and rear-facing camera with Lane-Departure and Forward-Collision Warning, while the T790 offers a subtle single-camera system. Both are High-Spec, Cost-Effective solutions – available for install by one of our skilled engineers.

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Dash-cams for Commercial Fleets Dash-cams for Commercial Fleets