Jaguar Land Rover have developed a steering wheel that could help drivers’ eyes on the road – by using heat to indicate drivers when to turn left or right.

The research, which was undertaken in partnership with Glasgow University, has created a ‘sensory steering wheel’, parts of which can be quickly heated and cooled to let drivers know where to turn, change lane or when approaching a junction.

”Safety is a number one priority for Jaguar Land Rover and we are committed to continuously improving our vehicles with the latest technological developments as well as preparing the business for a self-driving future. The ‘sensory steering wheel’ is all part of this vision, with thermal cues able to reduce the amount of time drivers have to take their eyes off the road” says Alexandros Mouzakitis, Electrical Research Senior Manager at JLR.

JLR says that the technology has also been applied to the gear-shift paddles to indicate to the driver that their car was entering or leaving autonomous mode.

What are your thoughts on Jaguar Land Rovers’ sensory steering wheel?