Digital Tachograph Integration – Protecting your operating license and eliminating the hassle of compliance

Reduce compliance headaches with ACSS.

All commercial vehicles operating within the EU zone must be fitted with EU-approved tachographs to record driving periods, work and rest, distance travelled, and vehicle speed. To adhere to this compliance, companies would traditionally have to manually retrieve each drivers’ unique driver card to gather the data – a logistical nightmare and cost-ineffective solution to a legal obligation.

Tachographs are fitted to some six million trucks and buses throughout the EU. They are designed to allow a driver’s activity to be monitored to create harmonisation of working conditions throughout Europe, prevent fatigue, protect public safety and ensure fair competition and conformity with the law. 

Any operators ideal world is to have their information all in one place to save time and improve productivity, so how can we help? All your information can be viewed in one place in real-time, let AdvancedFleet do all of the calculations. How can you benefit from installing Telematics and Integrating a Smart Tachograph system?

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Remotely view driver and working time efficiently 
  • Monitor driver break time from your desktop
  • View a simplified activity chart with a 24-hour timeline view
  • Stay compliant with the working time directive 
  • View Driver activity and journeys 
  • Reduced administration costs 
  • Reduced Vehicle Downtime 
  • Enhanced Compliance Handling Efficiency

What data is gathered?

  • Driver Card Data 
    • Driver hour timesheets can be gathered automatically whilst the vehicles are still out on the road earning revenue. This removes the need for routine driving stop-ins for time-consuming and costs heavy manual driver card data downloads.
  • Vehicle Data
    • As the Tracking device has a contactless connection to your vehicles CANbus, it can also gather information on vehicles fault codes as well as comprehensive speed data amongst more.