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With such a diverse business as Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire, knowing exactly where each of your 28 vehicles are at any time is essential for Matt Sutton, one of KLCH’s directors.

“We are very happy with ACSS as a provider of our systems, there have been very few needs to revert to them for repairs and we will continue to use them as our fleet of vehicles increases.”

Matt Sutton, Director, Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire



Kirkby Lonsdale is a family business supporting the local community: with local authority contracts, KLCH supports the rural community by running various commercial and subsidised bus routes. They support 120 local schools: the usual daily school run, sports visits along with trips heading to the Lakes and Dales. Having CCTV as an integral part of their commercial offering has been a prerequisite to be awarded many of these contracts.

Bespoke CCTV solution

ACSS is proud to have designed and supplied such an advanced CCTV system to KLCH. This new equipment was installed not only on new vehicles at the body-building stage but also retrofitted to existing vehicles. Training in the use of Live View software was also provided.

Having CCTV installed with ‘Live View’ into company vehicles has enabled the business to monitor all these important assets and respond in real-time. Upon receiving any alert, the Company is not only able to watch ‘live’ the unfolding incident but also download and view all events leading to it so appropriate action can be taken immediately, so important when transporting children and members of the public. It has also proved invaluable for insurance purposes to provide incontrovertible evidence of the facts and the actions being taken.

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